The Clean Water Act and the Constitution, 2nd Edition: Legal Structure and the Public's Right to a Clean and Healthy Environment by Robin Kundis Craig


Land Use Planning and the EnvironmentWith the publication of Land Use Planning and the Environment, Profs. Haar (Harvard Law) and Wolf (Florida Law) have dramatically revised and updated a seminal casebook, Land-Use Planning, allowing them to continue charting a course that distinguishes the volume in meaningful ways from competing texts.

Designed primarily for the classroom, the book takes a pervasive approach to the teaching and learning of planning and zoning law, regulatory takings, and environmental topics. With local and state governments sharing environmental regulatory responsibilities with their federal counterparts to a much greater extent in the 2000s than ever before, Land Use Planning and the Environment offers a unique strategy for addressing these overlapping and, at times, conflicting administrative regimes.

Throughout the book, the authors explicitly identify and explore intersections between land-use planning law and environmental regulation. Professors, students, and law and planning practitioners with strong backgrounds and exposure to “traditional” environmental law will find these intersections a timely opportunity to examine familiar topics from a different perspective.